Selected Broadsides from Littoral Press [please inquire about the work of other poets; I have many more broadsides availalbe]

“We have this way of talking …,” by Jelaluddin Rumi, translated by John Moyne & Coleman Barks, was printed on September 24, 2001 in honor of those who died on September 11th and all those in Afghanistan, in the U.S., and everywhere who are working for peace. Dark-green text in handset 14 point Arrighi; magenta titling, with author’s name in 36 point Goudy Handtooled. 8.5”x6” Rives heavyweight. $15.00. All sales money is donated to Mercy Corps for relief work in Afghanistan.

“Vipera Berus” (August 2003), by Czeslaw Milosz, translated by the author and Robert Hass, is printed on Folio Antique in handset 14 point Garamond, with 24 point Onyx titling. Dark-blue ink with viperish acid green accents. Edition of 200. 11.25”x7.5”. Commissioned by Lyric Poetry Review. $20.00. Sadly, unsigned.

Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Portfolio (2011) collects the second group of ten in a series of poetry broadsides by writers who teach at this summer workshop: Robert Hass, Galway Kinnell, Sharon Olds, and seven more. The portfolio measures 14.25”x11.25”; the signed broadsides range from 11”x7” to 14”x11”. Edition of ten (individual broadside editions were 50-100; some are now sold out). $375.00.

SapphoSappho (August 2005) is printed on white Arches cover paper in an edition of 22, each unique, each signed by the printer/translator and the artist. Three fragments of her poetry, three watercolor images by Portland artist Andrew Larkin (painted onto each broadside), three shades of coppery ink. Handset 24 point Centaur & Arrighi metal type. 16”x12”. $100.00.

I Speak of Jazz Poets“I Speak of the Jazz Poets,” by Jack Crimmins (September 2005), is printed in dark-green ink on dampened spring green St. Armand paper. The poem text is handset 14 point Italian Oldstyle; the title is wood type, printed split fountain (dark blue through blue-green to yellow), as is the large oak leaf ornament. 10.75”x14”. Edition of 200 to celebrate the publication of the author’s first book, Kit Fox Blues. $20.00.

Nostalgia“Nostalgia” (March 2006) is a poem by Colleen Lookingbill. The text, in handset 14 point Della Robbia, fills the lower half of the page; the upper half is a painting by Dennis Lookingbill, reproduced via color Xerox. An edition of 100 on white Rives BFK. Dark-blue ink. $20 unsigned.


Bract“Bract” by Pinna Joseph (May 2006): Dark brown 24 point Centaur with Garamond italic on Magnani Pescia light blue paper. Original watercolor by Claribel Cone tipped in to each broadside. Edition of 50. 12.5”x8.5”. $175.

Rushing through the Night“Rushing through the Night,” by Dean Young: 11.75×9 inches, individually painted broadsides on Arches cover paper, Garamond and Kaufman Script in black and blood red. From a series benefitting the scholarship fund of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. $35.

“Apricot” by Jack Crimmins (August 2007) is a folded, two-sided broadside, 7.25”x11” flat. Cochin light in dark brown and warm red ink on St. Armand tangerine paper. Edition of 100. $35.

“Penelope’s Song” by Diane di Prima (September 2007): Italian Old Style type printed in black ink on Somerset velvet soft white. 11”x7.5”. Edition of 125. $15 unsigned.