As a book artist/letterpress printer, I am especially interested in where form and content overlap or diverge. In my poetry broadsides I try to find a presentation of the poem that will resonate with my reading of it, perhaps even amplify that reading. My main objective is to honor the text. Dwelling with a poem in the intensive way that designing a broadside requires, setting the words letter by letter, handling each page of the edition many times, is an amazing entry into the poem. I feel privileged to be entrusted with the poet’s writing. With books or book objects, there is more room to hit other notes: possibly the finished piece will have some built-in (or designed-in) cognitive dissonance, the way a catchy, upbeat melody sometimes combines with dark or cynical song lyrics. If it’s my own writing, I feel freer to take liberties with the text than I would with someone else’s work. I am always interested in delving into the substance and finding out what kind of format or structure will provide a home for it.